We love paddling in new places around Rhode Island, up and down the coast, checking the spots that we love the most. Join our SUP guides on special tours that visit historic landmarks, beautiful coastal scenery and even some inner-city sites as well! Imagine paddling on a glassy salt pond, under the light of a full moon while fireworks explode overhead.  Paddle through downtown Providence and watch people stare as they wonder what you're doing.  We assure you, you've never seen Providence until you see it from the river.  This is just a small taste of the tours that we offer. All tours run for approximately 1 or 2 hours unless otherwise specified. All tours include a brief 10 minute lesson and overview before heading out into the water.

1 hour tour: $75/person


This is our most popular tour, definitely not one to miss. A full moon usually occurs once a month and we plan a paddle around this date. With clear skies and calm water, you will have the time of your life. Similar to the Sunset Paddle, this tour usually takes place in Wickford, Point Judith or Green Hill. These are very special tours and when the weather cooperates, we guarantee a night unlike any other. 


Our city SUP tour takes you through the heart of Providence the way it used to be navigated - by water!  Providence, located at the head of Narragansett Bay, is built over the Providence River.  The Providence River still flows through and under a good portion of downtown Providence. 

SUP'ing through the city provides a view of the buildings, architecture and history that is second to none.  We promise that this type of "stroll" through the city streets will be unlike anything you've ever experienced. This is one of our personal favorites.


Officially this tour is in Quonochontaug Pond in Westerly but it's in Weekapaug and honestly, it's easier to pronounce (and find). A very secluded pond with an abundance of wildlife and great shell fishing spots (shhhh, we won't say where though).  You'll even be able to check out the Weekapaug Inn, where the band Phish stayed once, and ended up writing a song as a result, called Weekapaug Groove.


Teach an old dog new tricks?  Sure, why not?! Tucker Pond, in South Kingstown, is a very dog-friendly pond and usually protected from the wind, creating an ideal environment to get you and your dog to SUP together. There's an island in the middle of the pond with a large house that is pretty impressive, too. 

If you're craving some salt water, we can also launch from Dog Beach in East Matunuck. This is a sandy, shallow beach with a very scenic backdrop. There's almost always some dogs running around and splashing in the water.

*Must provide your own dog.  If you own a large dog, be prepared to get wet!


This is easily one of our favorite tours. Take in some spectacular sunset views as we lead you on a tranquil paddle through Wickford Harbor, Point Judith Pond, Narrow River, Providence or Green Hill Pond depending on the evening. These gentle sunset excursions are great for all paddlers and are a perfect way to end your day, or begin your evening! 

We'll also add a specific location to the calendar if there's an area or body of water that you'd prefer to enjoy a sunset tour in.


The waters around the Wickford area provide a wonderful opportunity each fall and winter to view migrating harbor seals on their journey south. Truly an amazing experience.

Using stand up paddle boards, we’ll get close enough to quietly observe but keep plenty of distance so that we don’t disturb. A great way to spend part of a crisp winter day and experience seal watching from a different perspective. Explore and discover our local marine life as it gets ready to settle down for a long winter.



We enter the water from a public access way in Fort Adams and can paddle down towards Castle Hill or north into the harbor.  Either way is a great paddle, with views of the Newport bridge, Jamestown and more sailboats than you can count.

Bonus:  In the summer, Fort Adams is always hosting live concerts and festivals... all of which can be enjoyed from the water on a SUP board. 




Ninigret Pond is a 1,700-acre coastal lagoon located in Charlestown, RI.

The wildlife varies based on the time of year but this spot is always a scenic and relaxing spot. Ninigret Pond is one of the premiere saltwater ponds of southern Rhode Island.  A great spot for pictures and wildlife sight-seeing.


The Narrow River, also known as the Pettaquamscutt River, is a narrow tidal estuary that opens into the Atlantic Ocean at Narragansett Beach. The Narrow River is one of the only true fjords on the East Coast and because of this unique geological setting the river encompasses a variety of habitats including salt marsh, coastal forest and tidal flats. If we feel adventurous, we'll paddle to the Towers and back - guaranteed to ensure a good night's sleep!  


Paddle around the serene Port of Galilee and Great Island.  360 degree breath-taking views as we circumnavigate the island.  Watch the fishing boats leave port and head out for a day's work.  See a handmade working lighthouse up close, paddle through marshes, wave to the Block Island ferry as it departs and returns. This tour is South County at its finest.

This tour has several different meeting spots so we can generally always stay out of the wind. It's also an amazing place to watch the moon rise over the fishing boats and listen to the sound of the horn on the Block Island ferry as it pulls back into port.



The three P's ~ Potter's Pond Paddle... the entry for this paddle is in Matunuck but this pond connects all the way to the Point Judith Pond. On a calm day, this pond is like glass. A couple areas with strong currents depending on the tide. This tour will lead you right over the oyster farm that the Matunuck Oyster Bar maintains and cultivates. We can even paddle right up to the Oyster Bar and have lunch on the deck!