Special Events


We offer a wide range of special events including birthday parties, summer gatherings and reunions, corporate team building or summer outings, our SUP Wagon, and more!  We specialize in giving you an experience unlike anything you have seen before.  We love to bring the joy of stand up paddling to you in a very unique way that makes it fun and memorable for everyone involved.

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Is your child having a birthday party near water?  What better way to celebrate another year than by getting them to experience SUP! Lincoln Woods to Westerly, we will meet you anywhere in RI to help celebrate your special day in style.  Skip the usual celebrations and try something nobody will forget.  In addition to fun, stand up paddling will work new muscles you didn't even know you had.  We will setup races, obstacle courses, jousting and even SUP tricks!


Own a business? Do you see the value in team building? While the act of stand up paddling can be quite simple, everything involved can be a little daunting, especially if someone is a little afraid of the water and what lies beneath. Try a team building event that your employees will be talking about for months. Getting out of the office and to the water will be a treat in itself. Add the laughs and fun of falling in while learning to stand up paddle and it's a win win for everyone involved.  


Book our "SUP Wagon" for any special event, birthday party or family gathering.  When you book our SUP Wagon, we come to your location (must either be a public location that allows SUP or a private location) with a specified number of boards and paddles.  We will provide one instructor to get the boards ready for you, go over the basics and make sure everybody is comfortable. After that, you are free to use the boards as you wish for the specified amount of time.  Some groups don't want to go on a tour or lesson but still want to stand up paddle.  You can use the boards in whatever manner you'd like when you rent the SUP Wagon.  This also gives larger groups the opportunity to rent a few boards and then people can use them for a little while and switch off.  Great for family vacations at the beach!  When you're done, just walk away!  We'll load the boards and take care of the rest.  Our instructor will be onsite for the duration of the booking.


Do you own a summer home on the water? Planning a day or weekend at the beach for a summer getaway? Why not add stand up paddle boarding to your activities? It's fun for all ages and a great way to spend a hot summer day! Add some family bonding time to the schedule and get ready to laugh as you paddle around, trying not to fall in.  We've hosted family get-togethers ranging in size from 5 people to 30 people and everywhere in between. There's no group too big or too small. Make some fun memories together this year.