Thinking about trying SUP for the first time?  You've come to the right place!  

We offer a variety of lessons suitable for beginners to advanced paddlers.  No prior paddling experience is required for most of our lessons. If you think stand up paddling is something you won't be able to do, think again. We have never taught a lesson to someone that couldn't get the hang of it eventually.  Sure you may get wet in the process but that's half the fun!  Our instructors are PaddleFit, WPA, and CPR/First Aid certified.

SUP 101

Our introduction to Stand Up Paddling class makes learning easy – and fun!  No previous experience is necessary.  This is more than a lesson, it’s an adventure that builds your confidence and challenges your body as you learn Stand Up Paddling!  To learn this sport quickly and correctly, we encourage you to take lessons from our professional staff, whom are all experienced and enthusiastic paddle boarders. We guarantee you will be up and paddling on flat water within an hour.

You will learn flat bay/open ocean techniques, board steering and turning, ocean/wind awareness, proper stroke for speed on water, and core building.  Paddleboarding is very easy to learn, and our SUP lessons are done on the water, with minimal time standing on the beach.  With about an hour of instruction you can be up on a board, paddling and cruising along!  After just a few lessons, you will develop better balance and coordination as well as building your strength and endurance. More advanced board maneuvering can be learned with continued instruction but is totally optional.  Unlike the more technical sports, you can excel right out of the gate!

Cost:    $50/person (groups of 2 or more)*

SUP 201

​SUP 201 is a lesson for a more experienced paddler. In this lesson, we will work on special paddle strokes, pivot turns, 1-foot paddling, jumps and more. There's a lot of playful moves in this lesson which helps with balance and board awareness. If you have paddled a few times and have the basic hang of it, take this class! We need to warn you though, there is a lot of falling in during this lesson but that's what makes you a better paddler. Definitely bring a dry change of clothes when you show up for this lesson!

Not sure if this is the right choice? We recommend taking SUP 201 if you have paddled more than once and you're looking to learn a few new techniques and become more comfortable, especially if you are planning on buying your own board.

Cost:    $50/person (groups of 2 or more)*


​SUP Surf 101 is designed for people that have tried stand up paddling and want to learn how to surf on a stand up paddle board. You don't need traditional surfing experience to take this class. Paddling in open ocean water, let alone trying to catch a wave, is a much different experience than stand up paddling on calm, protected water. If you're up for a challenge and don't mind getting wet, this is the class for you! In addition to being a great workout, you will experience a whole new side of stand up paddling, including that rush you get when you catch a wave. We will cover proper surf etiquette, how to safely paddle out through waves, how to read the ocean and waves, how to catch a wave and how to safely exit the water. Our SUP Surf 101 instructors have been stand up paddle surfing for many years and love to share this side of the sport with anyone that is willing to give it a shot.

Cost:    $65/person*



All of our lessons can be scheduled as a private lesson or a block of private sessions. Private lessons can be for individuals or groups. Some people prefer learning to stand up paddle with nobody else around and we completely understand. We will even make sure to pick a location that is away from any crowds so you are very comfortable during this lesson.  Private lessons are also a great way to focus on exactly what you want to learn and spend time on. We can accommodate all requests for private lessons.

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