Where are we located?

We operate as a mobile business to maximize the enjoyment from experiencing water all over the state. We believe that operating out of one location day in and day out gets stale for you, and us, so every day is a fresh start and brings something new. South County is at the root of PBRI but we travel far and wide to bring you the stoke of stand up paddling.

Do I need my own board and paddle?

No, not at all.  We provide all of the equipment needed for lessons, classes and tours. If you have your own board, you're more than welcome to bring it along.

Is stand up paddling safe?

Yes!  Even though it is considered an active water sport, stand up paddling is very safe.  All of our instructors are certified by PaddleFit and WPA, the top certification agencies in the industry. Our instructors also maintain a current CPR certification. Every paddler that we take out will have a leash and a PFD (Personal Floatation Device = lifejacket). A leash can be just as important as a life jacket, as it will tether you to your board so if you do fall, you will not become separated from your board.  Almost all of our classes, lessons and tours take place in safe, shallow waters and we always monitor wind and weather conditions before a class or tour and will make last minute location changes if we need to. This ensures not only a safe outing but also a more enjoyable one.

What should I wear? What do I need to bring?

We recommend wearing a bathing suit or lightweight workout clothes. In the middle of the summer, most people wear bathing suits so they can enjoy the water along with stand up paddling. Earlier in the season, long pants (preferably waterproof or water resistant) and long sleeves are good. Layers are also recommended, as the weather can change and you also work up quite a sweat when you are paddling. You should bring proper clothing, a towel, sunscreen and maybe a change of clothes for afterwards. You can treat it like a trip to the beach. You may get wet and sandy but that's half the fun.  If you have a waterproof camera, bring it along!

What’s the difference between lessons & tours?

A lesson starts with instruction on land, covering water safety, paddling basics, how to mount and dismount the board and more.  We then proceed into the water to work on these basics and help you feel comfortable standing and paddling.  We'll show you a couple of different ways to turn the board, how to make yourself more stable and how to get the best out of a paddling experience.  We won't cover as much ground during a lesson but we'll have a blast showing you some tips, tricks and more.

A tour does not have the same amount of instruction.  We'll briefly go over the basics but we'll assume you have paddled before or that you're ready for a challenge and want to get right into it!  Our tours offer a guided, scenic look at some historical areas and special waterways.  A tour focuses on giving you a coastal experience unlike any other.  From the creatures below us to the animals around and above us, we guarantee a tour will be an amazing experience.

Do I need experience to take a lesson or tour?

No experience is needed!  We teach and introduce many first-timers to SUP.  There is a very small learning curve and almost everyone picks it up within the first 20 minutes.  If you are taking a tour and have never paddled before, we will spend a little while on basics and a quick lesson before heading out for the tour.

Can we give a lesson or tour somewhere that isn’t listed?

Absolutely!  One of the things that we love the most is the ability to paddle in practically any place where there is water.  If you have an idea or suggestion for a tour or new location, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you and your group.

I don’t know how to swim, can I still paddle?

We strongly recommend that all customers know how to swim and also feel comfortable in the water.  If you can't swim but really want to paddle with us, we ask that you feel comfortable wearing a full life jacket and understand the associated risks.

Do I need to be a fitness expert or athlete?

No way!  We've had people of all ages and all abilities come paddle with us.  Part of our joy is watching people that didn't think they could do it cruising around with the biggest smile on their face.  There is no athletic prerequisite for stand up paddling.  A good attitude and desire to have fun is all that's needed.

What if the weather doesn’t look good?

Weather is the most important factor when it comes to stand up paddling.  We always keep an eye on the forecast and never take any chances.  We can still paddle in the rain but usually reschedule, as it's much more fun when it's not raining.  Sometimes too much wind can make things unsafe as well.  We've had to cancel on beautiful, sunny days because the wind was much too strong to safely teach people how to paddle.  If the weather looks questionable for your lesson or tour, please call us the morning of your scheduled appointment.  We reserve the right to cancel/reschedule any class, lesson, tour or event based on the weather conditions.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations MUST be made by contacting Paddle Board RI either by phone or by email at least 24 hours before the scheduled event for a full refund. Due to high demand and a schedule that changes locations based on weather and other factors, cancellations must be acknowledged by Paddle Board RI by receipt of a cancellation email, cancellation voicemail or phone call, or in person. Cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled booking will not be refunded. If the class is cancelled by Paddle Board RI due to weather or other circumstances, a full refund will be issued.